Curemonte, France – Day 11 Cont…

Amanda in Curemonte, Lot department, France – April 2017
Les Plus Beaux Villages de France – The Most Beautiful Villages in France Tour

Saturday the 29th of April 2017 and ‘Day 11′ Cont…

Curemonte was a hilltop sprawl which we thought might be inaccessible with a car but we were once again wrong and able to park in the heart of the village and take a slow amble around, albeit with one of the windows of the car left open and ALL our belongings, including passports, credit cards, and money, inside. We did have the car key though so at least that was safe…oops! I blame Amanda, it was her window that was down. 😀

We both loved Curemonte and it’ll be on my list of villages to revisit when I return. Amanda has actually been back since our trip and revisited many of the towns and villages with her husband.

Our photos don’t do any of these towns and village justice, especially in a place like this where the village is probably better seen from above rather than right up against the huge walls of these magnificent buildings.

Today’s weather had been perfect and made these already beautiful villages that bit more special. The lovely blue skies had given them a wonderful backdrop.

During our time in France from mid-April to the 8th of May most of the daytime temperatures had been in the high teens right up to a high of 28 degrees. During the night it had been as low as -1 degrees with a light covering of frost but overall the weather was great.

Curemonte, France – Video by Corrèze Tourisme

Collonges-la-Rouge & Tureene

There were a couple of villages, Collonges-la-Rouge and Turenne that we’d hoped to visit but we were running out of time and parking wasn’t easily found, especially in Collonges-La-Rouge which seemed to be hosting some sort of event, plus there was a wedding on. The photos online looked really lovely so we were pretty bummed that we couldn’t take a look.

Collonges-la-Rouge was formed from the local red stone. This small town looked very different from anything we’d seen so far but because it was extremely busy we could only drive by it, kicking ourselves for not realising it would be packed as it was a Saturday afternoon on a bank holiday weekend. I will definitely be coming back here.

As we drove away, we were delayed by a red wedding, not the Game of Thrones type but one where the guests were all dressed in red. The bride wore white of course, though Amanda did comment that her dress made her look like a shuttlecock which made me laugh, she’s such a witch. 😀

Collonges-la-Rouge – video by Walk In France


What can I say, again it looked lovely, but we could only see it from a distance. Amanda had a little wander to the start of the village but said it was very steep so no good for me. She also commented that it felt a bit Hogwortesque but it definitely looked like another beautiful village. There are so many towns and villages that we’re going to have to go back to, great excuse. 😀

Turenne, Corrèze department, France – April 2017

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