Carennac, France – Day 11 Cont…

Carennac, Lot Department, France – April 2017
Les Plus Beaux Villages de France – The Most Beautiful Villages in France Tour

Saturday the 29th of April 2017 and ‘Day 11′ Cont…

Carnennac is a medieval village full of beautiful architecture. The Iglesia prioral de San Pedro de church with its ornately carved portal/arched entryway is stunning.

We parked up, possibly illegally, in the shadow of the Château des Doyens, and from the minute we drove in I knew I wanted to push myself and take at least a little glimpse of this pretty village and I’m so glad I did. We were short on time because of the agreed check-in time for our next accommodation but it was worth every second and it’s definitely worth a second visit…it’s very pretty. Carennac village

I’m sorry my posts aren’t very detailed, I’ve forgotten so much but I still wanted to post what I did have. I may come back and fill in more details at some point.

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