Les Clos des Rives, Dordogne – Accommodation for 1 Week – Days 11 & 12

Les Clos des Rives, Dordogne – It’s great Accommodation on the Dordogne River. The above photo is from their website. To visit their website, please click on the image above.

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In this post, I’m going to cover the end of Saturday the 29th & Sunday the 30th of April 2017 – so ‘Days 11 & 12′.

Saturday the 29th of April – Day 11 Cont…

We took almost the entire day to travel from Corn in the Lot Department over to our new accommodation, ‘Les Clos des Rives in Saint-Vincent-de-Cosse in the Dordogne. On our way, we visited a number of pretty towns and villages that were all renowned for their beauty (see prior posts). We could have done the journey in a fraction of the time had we gone directly from one place to the other, but we were glad we got to see some truly special locations that we would have otherwise missed. Finally, before reaching our accommodation, we stocked up with groceries and a few bottles of wine for the week.

The following image is a screenshot of our route from our accommodation in Corn to our accommodation in Saint-Vincent-de-Cosse, Dordogne. Click on the image to take you to Google Maps.

Our Accommodation – Les Clos des Rives, Dordogne.

Les Clos des Rives sat on generous grounds on the banks of the Dordogne River. Our self-catering ground-floor 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment (suitable for those with disabilities), was clean, spacious and had beautiful, serene views overlooking the river. The interior was simple but comfortable and a bit of a bargain at €360.50 for the week. I’m not sure what the price would be for next May (2024) to give you a like-for-like price, but for this October it’s €495 for the week, in that same apartment. That’s still really good for a property that sleeps 6 adults and is in such a good location.

We actually booked the accommodation via Booking.com but if I were to go again, I’d probably book directly with them.

We had been a little bit concerned on the approach as we’d passed some run-down, disused buildings that did nothing for first impressions but once we were at the property we were very happy and the lovely lady that checked us in couldn’t have been more helpful and kind, I just wish I could remember her name. The run-down buildings can’t be seen from the apartment and the whole setting is beautiful.

After settling in, we made chilli for dinner and sat outside to eat while taking in the views across the river, and listening to the crickets and birds. We managed a couple of glasses of wine before turning in for the night. Utter bliss.

As we’d been on the go non-stop since arriving in France, this week we thought we’d take it a bit slower. We wanted to unwind and rest up. This was the first night we got to sleep in separate bedrooms so we had an early night and decided that we’d just relax the following day. If the weather was kind to us we’d also be visiting the pool.

The following photos are ones I took on our arrival at the accommodation.

The following photos are from their website because I never thought to take any photos inside the property. Doh! To go to their website, please click on the initial photo at the head of this post.

There isn’t a photo of it, but there was also a second bathroom with a bath and overhead shower, plus a separate toilet. There was a large cupboard fitted out with a washing machine, iron & ironing board etc, this was great after being on the road for 2 weeks we managed to get all our washing done. Plus the apartment had aircon, a fully fitted kitchen, a sofa-bed and a tv in the living room area. The internet was a bit sketchy but we got by. Outside we had our own private dining space with a table and chairs, there was also a communal pool, BBQ, various seating options, sun loungers, table tennis, and a place next door where you could hire canoes. Not bad for €360.50 for the week. You really couldn’t ask for more…well, maybe a couple of additional comfy chairs in the living room, especially if a group of 6 were to rent the place.

We quickly came to realise that this property was very well situated for visiting all the main towns, villages and tourist sites in the area. I would definitely recommend this property to anyone looking for somewhere to stay. Unless something has changed in the last 6 years, you will need a car to get around though.

Sunday the 30th of April – Day 12

Today was a rest day. We were both wrecked, especially me. I’d done the majority of the driving up to this point and Amanda had done a lot of dashing around the locations I couldn’t do, taking pics and videos for us both, so it evened itself out.

Today I was going to keep my legs up as much as possible and try to give the swelling a chance to go down.

I woke around 7 am but not hearing any movement from Amanda, I drifted back off to sleep until my phone buzzed, waking me. I chatted with a friend for a while before getting up and deciding what we were having for breakfast. Today we had fresh crusty bread with pate, and for afters, we had strawberries with thick coconut yoghurt. Delicious.

The weather was nice enough in the morning but not quite sunbathing weather so I took myself back off to bed to read and rest my legs. I pretty much slept for most of the day, getting up around 4 pm when my tummy was rumbling.

Amanda had spent the day reading, filling out her journal, and chatting with her family and friends.

That evening we ate leftover chilli in wraps with salad and had a lovely big piece of cream cake for afters. Yum!

The Internet wasn’t the best but I did manage to upload a few pics to Facebook for my family to see. I didn’t dare try to load videos as the last lot had taken over 12 hours. 😀

The weather ended up being a mixed bag, we’d had sun but also thunder and rain. The rest of the week didn’t look to be much better which was a bit frustrating as I was hoping to get to use the pool. By the time evening came around the weather was calmer. We spent the evening sitting beside the river chatting and putting the world to rights. We had a few glasses of wine and picked at the selection of yummy French goodies. It was the perfect way to end the day.

All photos and videos are the property of myself and Amanda unless otherwise stated.

Thanks for visiting.

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