Cardaillac, Lacapelle-Marival, Assier, France – Day 10 Cont…

Château de Lacapelle-Marival in Lacapelle-Marival, in the Lot département of France – April 2017.
Les Plus Beaux Villages de France – The Most Beautiful Villages in France Tour

Friday the 28th of April 2017 and ‘Day 10 Cont…

It gets a little confusing for me for the rest of this day. I’m unsure which photos go with which village. I know that after Figeac we visited Cardaillac, Lacapelle-Marival, and Assier but I hadn’t got around to editing my photos, not that there were very many for the remainder of this day but now I’m not 100% confident which photos go with which village.

I do have some notes that we made that evening about our day so I’ll type those out and then add the photos that I think go with the villages we visited after Figeac.


We drove through the main street which was pretty and accessible by car. We were looking for somewhere to park when we stumbled upon the medieval village.

A large, sem-ruined fort, not a chateau, a proper fort with ramparts surrounding the tiny but mainly untouched village.

The houses were insanely old and should be in glass boxes in a museum, and yet they were lived in.

Amanda had the pleasure of watching an elderly lady carefully tending her garden before hobbling back into her, no doubt very age-unfriendly but incredibly beautiful and quaint cottage.

I’ll put the photos here and then continue with the information from my journal about the remainder of the pretty villages.


The village here seemed quite modern in comparison to some we had visited but the highlight was the amazing chateau, it was pure Disney.


This was a very pleasant surprise. Driving home we spotted an amazing church practically a cathedral, and went into the village looking for a place to park. We happened to fall upon a gorgeous 16th-century chateau. It was very different from anything we had seen so far and unfortunately, it was closed so we could only see a part of it, but what we could see was truly beautiful.

What was left of the day was spent relaxing back at the gite. I spent some of the evening, marking Amanda’s journal and making a few alterations. Ok, I cheated and used her journal to help me remember and basically copied everything she’d written. 😀

All photos and videos are the property of myself and Amanda unless otherwise stated.

Thanks for visiting.

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