Figeac, France – Day 10 Cont…

Figeac, Lot Department, France – April 2017
Les Plus Beaux Villages de France – The Most Beautiful Villages in France Tour

Friday the 28th of April 2017 and ‘Day 10′ Cont…

Figeac was quite a large town compared to the others we’d visited, and it was the first time we felt a bit uncomfortable. Nothing had happened but I think we’d spent so much time in tiny villages that this felt a little daunting at times. I don’t think this feeling was helped by there being a vintage car rally driving through the centre of the town. These were very beautiful and expensive cars, and because of this, they seemed to have attracted a certain sort of character to the town that was there to beg or hustle/hassle the visitors.

Figeac, Lot Department, France – April 2017

We stopped for a drink and for me to use the loo. The toilet was grubby and a bit scary as the light was flickering really badly making it almost impossible to see. It had all the makings of a murder scene. 😀

After my freshly squeezed orange juice and Amanda’s “Proper” coffee, we took to looking in the windows of a couple of Estate Agents because we really loved the Lot Department and a girl can dream.

We didn’t spend that much time here as it was getting busier by the minute and we kept being followed by dodgy-looking characters that looked like they were on the rob.

The town’s architecture is lovely and we wished we’d visited on a different day but it is somewhere I’d recommend if you’re in this beautiful region.

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