Saint-Geniez-d’Olt, France – Day 7

Saint-Geniez-d’Olt, France – April 2017
Les Plus Beaux Villages de France – The Most Beautiful Villages in France Tour

Tuesday the 25th of April 2017 and ‘Day 7 ′ of our travels.

Today was another early start. We had breakfast and checked out of the lovely Chateau de la Falque in Saint-Geniez-dʼOlt our home for the last 3 nights.

We did a short stop in Saint-Geniez-d’Olt on our way to Rocamadour as we’d not had a chance to explore the town before today. It didn’t really appeal to us, it seemed a little shabby and run-down but we’d been spoiled by visiting so many beautiful towns and villages that we probably didn’t give it a fair chance, plus the bad weather didn’t help.

Below is Château de Galinières, we only stopped for a quick photo and then got back on our way to Rocamadour.

Château de Galinières, – April 2017

In France, around every corner, there seems to be a chateau, a beautiful town or village, and stunning scenery. So if you haven’t visited France, do so, it’s an amazing country. It definitely rivals Italy for the number one spot in my humble opinion.

All photos and videos are the property of myself and Amanda.

Thanks for visiting.

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