Chateau de la Falque – Accommodation for 3 Nights

The inner courtyard leading to our room.   Photo by Amanda.
Chateau de la Falque in Saint-Geniez-dʼOlt, France – Our Accommodation for 3 Nights.

Chateau de la Falque in Saint-Geniez-dʼOlt, France.  Photos by Touch of Cinnamon.

Our Accommodation from Saturday 22nd to Tuesday 25th April 2017.

After Belcastel we took a fairly long and, as it turned out, eventful journey to our next accommodation.  A minor missed turning meant that we ended up travelling through the beautiful, historic Sainte-Eulalie-d’Olt, the next town along from where we were staying.

Relais du Silence -Chateau de la Falque in Saint-Geniez-dʼOlt, France.
Photo by Touch of Cinnamon.

Unfortunately, I was the one driving and had the unenviable task of trying to navigate (using the spiteful wench of a sat nav) through the smallest of cobbled streets.  She (sat nav) seemed to think that roads, a mere hand-span wider than our vehicle, are perfectly passable.  These narrow two-way streets often ended in a 90-degree turn on to yet another narrow street.  Narrow roads don’t normally bother me when I’m driving in Ireland, but in France, I found them nerve-racking, maybe because I was driving an unfamiliar hire car and didn’t want to lose my deposit!?  To both our amazement, we managed to squeeze through and were heartily pleased when we arrived at our next accommodation, ‘Chateau de la Falque’ in Saint-Geniez-d’Olt.

A taste of the narrow, two-way streets I had to drive through in Sainte-Eulalie-d’Olt, France.   Images lifted from Google Maps.

 Chateau de la Falque in Saint-Geniez-d’Olt, France. 

View from where we parked. You walk under the stone archway to get to the courtyard and our room.   Photo by Touch of Cinnamon.
Chateau de la Falque in Saint-Geniez-dʼOlt, France.

Nestled between Saint-Geniez-d’Olt and Sainte-Eulalie-d’Olt, we seemed to have this beautiful, golden spa hotel pretty much to ourselves!  I’d have like to have learned more about the property but my French is none existent so I couldn’t ask the French-speaking receptionist for information but on my return, I spotted the following bit of info.

“Occupying a stone convent dating from the 17th century, this refined boutique hotel sits on 5 acres of parkland. It’s 1.7 km from Saint-Geniez-d’Olt village and 5.3 km from Parc naturel régional des Grands Causses.

A spa features a sauna, a whirlpool and a steam room, plus massages and treatments. There’s also a quaint courtyard and a chapel. ” 

The convent and its small complex of surrounding buildings were beautifully restored and walking through the stone archway to the inner courtyard made me feel very privileged.

Relais du Silence – Chateau de la Falque in Saint-Geniez-dʼOlt, France.   This image is the property of the hotel.
Click on the image for their website.

The above image and the next two photos below are from the accommodations own website.  If you click on any of these images, they’ll take you directly to their website.

The Entrance  & our Bedroom.    These images are the property of the hotel.
Click on the image to visit the China Junior Bedroom on their website.

Our bedroom and bathroom.   These images are the property of the hotel.
Click on the image to visit China Junior Bedroom on their website.

The room was larger than expected and decorated in a pseudo-Chinese style with a great bathroom and the added bonus of a seating area.  As we were on a tight budget we used to pull the table over to the couch to eat breakfast and make up our packed-lunches before leaving for the day.  Living the high life, eh?  😀

The style of the room wasn’t really to my taste but it was large, clean and very comfortable for our three-night stay.   I only took a few snaps from inside the room but they were blurry, hence me using the hotels own photos.

Our room is the first door on the Left. Photo by Touch of Cinnamon.
Relais du Silence -Chateau de la Falque in Saint-Geniez-dʼOlt, France.

The exterior of the building was definitely to my liking. It really was beautiful and a pleasure to return to at the end of a tiring day’s travels.  At night it looked particularly stunning and if we hadn’t been so tired each night, we’d have sat out in the inner courtyard with a bottle of red, but all we wanted to do when we got back, was sleep.

The inner courtyard to the rooms at night.  Photo by Touch of Cinnamon.
Relais du Silence -Chateau de la Falque in Saint-Geniez-dʼOlt, France.

Views looking over the grounds and courtyard at night.  Photos by Touch of Cinnamon.
Relais du Silence -Chateau de la Falque in Saint-Geniez-dʼOlt, France.

We were surrounded by fields but only a short drive away from two towns.  There was an Intermarché with a petrol station within 5 minutes drive.

Each morning we woke to the sound of cow bells as the cattle came in for milking and in the evenings we were serenaded to sleep by the soothing mating calls of crickets. Perfect!

As for the town of Saint-Geniez-d’Olt, neither of us were particularly enamoured by it but in all fairness, we had been spoiled by some of the places we’d been lucky enough to visit prior to arriving here.  Having said that, the accommodation was wonderful and made a great base to visit some really special and beautiful villages and countryside nearby.

Chateau de la Falque in Saint-Geniez-dʼOlt, France. Photo by Amanda.

There was a spa at the hotel but we didn’t go in.  We had intended on doing so but didn’t have the time in the end, plus it was quite pricey.

There was only one minor negative to this property and that was the view out of our window, it overlooked an industrial estate of sorts.  This was the only negative detail I could point out but it still wouldn’t stop me from staying here again, in the future.

The cost for the 3-night stay was €270 + taxes for the 2 of us, making it €45 per person, per night.   We didn’t eat breakfast at the property but it was available for a fee.

Below are three little video clips.  Again I apologise for how bad they are, I was using my phone and had/have a bad knee causing me to limp, hence the jerkiness of the clips.

Thanks to Amanda for her contribution.  All photos are the property of myself or Amanda unless otherwise stated.

Château Labistoul (Our Accommodation) – Day 2

Château Labistoul – View as we approached our accommodation.

After collecting the hire car from Enterprise in Carcassonne we set off for the next leg of our trip.  We were heading two hours north to Campes close to Cordes-sur-Ciel in the Tarn department, southern France.

Amanda was the first to try driving here and did a brilliant job.  We were lucky enough to be given a car with an inbuilt sat nav.  It also helped that we’d paid extra for an automatic car as it gave us one less thing to be worrying about..gears.

The journey from Carcassonne to Cordes-sure-Ciel was lovely, as was the weather.   We pulled over on the way to eat a quick sandwich overlooking vineyards and the dwindling view of the breathtaking Pyrenees we’d left behind.

We arrived at our accommodation around 5 pm and were met by one of our Dutch hosts, Marjo.  Marjo was really attentive, helping us with our luggage and getting us settled into our extremely spacious accommodation set in an 11th-century property.

Prior to arriving we’d booked to have dinner on the evening of our arrival, so while we were waiting we took the opportunity to walk around the property and take a few photos.

Dinner was delicious, unfortunately, the photos I’d taken were all blurred so I couldn’t add them.  At dinner, we also got to meet Jacques, Marjos’ husband who was equally attentive and great company. They’re a really lovely couple and helped make our stay a truly wonderful experience.

We spend two nights in this magical property and hope to return for longer as there’s so much to see in this beautiful area. I’ll be writing further posts about the other wonderful places we visited in this area sometime soon.

We paid €196 + taxes for the two of us for two nights, breakfast was included in that price. We paid an additional €25 each for our three-course meal that we had on the evening of our arrival.

Château Labistoul – Front View / Parking / Entrance

View of the separate rentable Gite situated next to Château Labistoul.

Château Labistoul – Side of building after coming through the main gates.

Wonderful Château Labistoul and the beautiful grounds surrounding the property.

Château Labistoul – View looking back to the side of the property & the gated entrance.

Château Labistoul – View of the entrances to both our private Living Room (door to the right) & Bedroom (left). Plus private Outdoor Seating Area.

Château Labistoul – Private Living Room with sofa bed and coffee & tea making facilities.

Château Labistoul – Bedroom With double doors leading out to the private outdoor Seating Area.

Château Labistoul – Same Bedroom but looking towards the Hall.

Château Labistoul – Private Bathroom leading onto Hall / Stairs / Bedroom & private Living Room.

Château Labistoul – The sink area in the Bathroom with slit window to the left of the sink.

Château Labistoul – Bathroom window is a small slit in the thick, stone wall.

Château Labistoul – Hall & Stairs from our rooms.
You go via the Hall to get to the Bedroom, private Living Room, private Bathroom & shared upstairs Dining Room.

Château Labistoul – Upstairs shared Dining Room.

Château Labistoul – Upstairs Dining Room with old loom, set right above our rooms. We weren’t disturbed by any noise during our stay.

Château Labistoul – Antique sideboard in the Dining Room.

Château Labistoul – Hall leading to Bedroom, private Living Room, private Bathroom, Stairs & double doors leading out to the back of the property.

Château Labistoul – Back view of the property. Double doors leading out from the Hall.

Château Labistoul – The beautiful grounds surrounding the property.

Château Labistoul – Beautiful Outdoor Seating / Dining Area / Courtyard.

Château Labistoul – The beautiful grounds surrounding the property.

Château Labistoul – Wall enclosing the outdoor Seating / Dining Area.

We booked via, see the following link.;label=chateau-labistoul

This is the owners’ website:

All photos are either the property of Amanda or moi.  I hope you enjoyed them.