There Are Words That Kiss Us As If They Have A Mouth


As you can see there’s very little in here as yet. It’s early days and the format will probably change many times before I settle on something that suits.

I should say, straight off the bat, that I’m no writer, a fact that will become glaringly obvious the more I attempt to put my thoughts into words.  Please forgive me and simply smile if and when you stumble upon any of my embarrassing faux pas.

I guess this place will be somewhere for me to drop thoughts, music, images, basically anything I like. I’m of the opinion that most blogs are usually places to be a little self-indulgent, mine will be no exception.

Right, I guess I’d better get moving and start putting things in here that I like, maybe stick a few additional words in here today and if I’m brave enough, I might even take down my security so those that have the misfortune to stumble upon this place can actually come in and take a look.

So welcome to my blog.

Touch Of Cinnamon