She slips in through the ear; distended bladder full of discord,
she begins excreting unease in filthy piles.
Laying waste to great chunks of serenity,
before lifting her ragged petticoats, luridly;
revealing a thousand crimson, whispering mouths

Ms Trust  pinches and gnaws at the softer parts,
picking at old scabs and vomiting confusion.
Thrusting a bony finger into stilled pools,
She swirls it around,
squeezing out gobs of doubt from her foetid teats.

Laughing, she lights up another cig
and taps her toes to the rhythm of discord.
Her crooked teeth blackened by malevolence,
She tears at the fabric of sweet memories,
wearing them brazenly upon her wasting frame.

Faint words brush past her and she stills,
her filthy head lolling to one side. Listening.
“Hush little one. I’m here now. Nothing can’t hurt you”
One by one, she packs away her cheap tricks and delusions
and skulks back to her shadowy pit…temporarily banished.