Once again, I feel I should reiterate, that I’m not a writer by any stretch of the imagination and don’t find putting my thoughts into words, easy.  Please forgive me.

I won’t be writing lots of posts, It’ll just be now and again.  I’m quite amazed and a little envious of other people’s wonderful blogs….of their ability to write beautifully and come up with something new on a regular basis.  I just don’t have the skill or confidence.

Anyway, I’ll pop in here from time to time with a few thoughts.

Warmest Regards


2 thoughts on “Poetry

    • Cinnamon is the nectar of the God’s, Eths. 😀

      I had intended to put lots of cinnamon foodie posts up on here but I never got on with it. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll get organised.

      Thank you for popping in to say hello, I hadn’t realised I’d left these headings open for comments.

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