Sofia Ava

Sofia Ava with ratty Sofia Ava - First Day Home

This is my baby girl, Sofia Ava. She’s my very sweet Chinchilla Persian kitty. Sofia is one of 4 cats that I have.

These first pics are from the day we brought her home, over a year ago. She’s 3 months old in these shots and still very very tiny. Ratty, her little cuddly toy, is smaller than the length of my hand and I have the hands the size of a child.

I named her Sofia as this is the name I’d give my daughter, if I were ever been blessed enough to have one. Ava is the Persian name for ‘sweet melody’ or ‘little voice’ She had the sweetest, little voice and still does.

Sofia Ava - IMGP3558 Sofia Ava - IMGP3553

Here Sofia is a little older, around 6-9 months, I think.

I’ll add more images when I can, but right now, she looks like a mental patient. She’s refusing to let me brush her very long hair and has a ridiculous amount of knots that can only be removed, at this stage, by cutting them out. My poor hands and arms are ripped to pieces by the little mare. She may have the face of an angel, but she’s a scorpie, strong-willed, Diva in reality 😀

Sorry to bore you with kitty pics, but I do love my little girl.