I’m a dog lover at heart but out of necessity, we brought home 2 kittens when we moved here in 2000.

We’d purchased the house in 1997, initially as a holiday home after relatives had moved here.  The place was in a right state.  We started work on the property from afar.  We were living in the States and then London and had a builder here working on the house.

The house isn’t particularly old but it hadn’t been lived in and it had been left unfinished, without heating or being properly sealed.  Over time some of the ceilings had fallen down, the plaster had started to deteriorate, windows were broken and nature and wildlife had taken over.  The place was overrun by vermin, feral cats, bats and an array of insects.  Cats were a necessity and pleasurable companions for my son.  They proved very effective and still are.