Ode To Facebook


Come sit beside me,
lets take a look
at what I saw
on my Facebook

Cryptic updates,
attention seeking
widespread ‘LOL’s’
and people freaking.

Stolen words
so bland and trite
from foolish pens
that cannot write.

Another photo…
my neighbours brunch
there’s one of breakfast
and Sunday lunch!

Loads of (((((HUGS)))))
and talk of karma
from catty teens,
the queens of drama.

Greetings galore
a birthday thread.
“I wuff oo babes
I wish you were dead”

Kids speak “text”,
“Hey, hows yu m8?.
Adults ponder…
and participate.

Numerous photos
of hideous sprogs
Cats abound
and ugly dogs.

Politics, dogma
in boxes, square
“Down with this one…
and that one there!”

My work is done
Please hear my call:
Write on paper…
not someone’s wall.



Deadwood - Family Tree

I’m pruning the family tree tonight
putting an end to further growth
you should have kept your sap within
and honoured our wedding oath

New shoots you have been sprouting
in a garden not your own
her plot was on the larger size
where many seeds had blown

Small wonder that I’m seeing red
and giving in to rage
I’m chopping off a rotten branch
to create another page

I just got Gold in a poetry contest with this little ditty.  Yeah I was shocked too!