Rachael Hawnt & The Beautiful Secret

Rachael has a beautiful voice that I’d like to share with you all, she’s also a distant relation. As you can see, I’m eager to claim her as my own because I believe in her and think she has a voice worth listening to, as does the multi-talented Ash Cutler.

Please, if you can, take the time to listen, follow and share their music. Thank you.

This next song ‘I Have Nothing’ a Whitney Houston cover really showcases Rachael’s’ vocal skills. From about 1:20 in you’ll hear the sheer power and range of her incredible voice.

Hope you like them too, please support them if you can. I’ve put both ‘Rachaels’ and ‘The Beautiful Secrets’ Youtube Channel links below:

Rachael Hawnts’ Youtube Channel

The Beautiful Secret Youtube Channel

Thank you


PS: Below is the original of ‘Lost On You’ by LP (Laura Pergolizzi), absolutely fab in my humble opinion, definitely worth a listen, especially if you enjoyed Rachaels’ cover version above.

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