12 thoughts on ““Don’t Be Mad When You See Your Skin Don’t Fit!”

  1. I just think of my skin as Spandex that came out of the store a while back. And I clicked the “follow” button. I thought, it’s Sunday, I don’t go to church, the sun is shining, my coffee turned out passably good, I’m in a good mood, and like all good evangelists you want more followers, well, who could say no to that? Plus, I saw some humour up there and I’m a sucker for humour… Oh, and Whitechapel Welk is already here… and I thought some more and what came up was, this is good. No, I mean this is really, really good. Lettuce prey…

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    • It’s as miserable as sin here. Grey and raining but then again it’s always raining here, still, I’ve kept myself busy creating pics.

      I don’t post often and tend to save the humour for an alternative blog.

      Lovely to meet you.


    • Can I give you mine? I’ll come back for them in about 30 years, honest! 😀

      And you’re welcome, I don’t tend to do much on my blog, but I was procrastinating and lost myself on WP for a while.

      Nice to see you here again. Thank you, Carl. 🙂


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