Temporary Light

Temporary Light

Apollo The God Of Light – Caden

Riding on the back of bullish charisma, you touch down
Infecting those caught in your storm with confused excitement
Blind to their own dismantling, they conform, wide-eyed and awestruck
Placing heaped plates of creativity and hope at your wandering feet
These diligent little worker ants await direction, but will inevitably starve
For you are oblivious to the furore; already restless; already moving on
Did no one tell them your light here was only temporary?

Touch Of Cinnamon

4 thoughts on “Temporary Light

  1. Of course we couldn’t afford a horse drawn chariot that would bear me across the heavens, bathed in a sepulchral light when I was a kid Touch. My nan used to throw my pushchair off a cliff while shining a torch on it during its descent. We were poor in those days but by Christ we were happy!!!!

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