We’re Alone Now

We're Alone Now

We’re Alone Now

Fragile soul in the arena, bristling claws and teeth.
Bloodied by caustic tongues. haemorrhaging self belief.
Their words dissecting.
Unable to summon the strength for the fight, nor the bile to counter.
A last pitiful cry
I’m alone now
Defeat’s ponderous hand, final, heavy.

Suddenly there was you……

Rising up, you position yourself between us.
The room falls silent. Muted in disbelief.
Look away now little one
Moving slowly the challenge is on; eyes fixed.
Dark heat. A pulsing fury. A bellowing
No longer alone.
The beast is free. No more defeat!

Roles reversed, their time to feel pain.
Swift retribution. Slow blood. A reckoning.
Baby, please stop now!
Gathering me up, you build a fortress around me.
Prowling it’s perimeter. Watchful. Ready. Breathless.
We’re alone now but for each other.
They have the company of their defeat.

Relentless vigilance takes it’s toll.
Baby, come in from the cold. Put down your fists.
Let me soothe you.
Tenderness chases away the animal, delivers me the man.
Female warmth and exhaustion finally claim you.
Sleep querida, we’re alone now.
Let me be the girl you love.

Touch Of Cinnamon

Lyrics for James Blake – Retrograde

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  1. I don’t have a caustic tongue Touch but I do have a cauliflower ear and a broken nose from me boxing days. Do I win five pounds and your undying pity and devotion? 🙂

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