Yasmin Levy – Firuze

Belted silver coins cascade, kissing flank and rounded thighs,
each step rousing a seductive melody; calling him to her.
Delicate fingers lost in sinew; reading the man….soothing….igniting,
half hidden by his thunder, a brooding body of stone.
A body desecrated by battle hungry men and rubbed smooth by her surrender….
female, honey sweet surrender…warm….soft….breathless.

Moving only for him, hips sway in unspoken beckoning,
a whisper of white against liquid amber flesh.
Blood thirsty cables trace their way under ochre skin….male….burnished and musky,
his heady scent still covering her, staking its claim.
A primal, unchallenged claim. Kneeling she offers her wrists in submission…
feminine, honey sweet submission…..total….delicate….unashamed.

Touch Of Cinnamon

11 thoughts on “Unashamed

    • You’re very welcome. I’m never quite sure who’s created some of the beautiful images I’ve used to go with my words, well not unless they’ve put their name on the image itself. Who was the photographer for this one?


  1. I love the piece of music too sweetheart. Haunting, atmospheric and hot with the fiery bones of Spain. Muy preciosa x


    • Yasmin Levy features a lot in my play list. I find her voice sensuous, beautiful and full of emotion. The writing might not be great in my work, but her voice captures the feelings and mood I wish I could convey with the words I write.

      Por sempre, querida x


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